What is a Mennonite? Are you Christians?

Mennonites are a Christian tradition that began in the time of the Reformation in Europe, around the early 1500s, with a movement of believers known as Anabaptists. The Anabaptists or "re-baptizers" were inspired to radically reform the Christian Church as it had come to be. They got their name because they insisted that water baptism should be reserved for adults only. This conviction led them to baptize one another as adults, even though they had been baptized as infants. Mennonites believe that Jesus Christ belongs at the center of a life of faith and that it is possible by God’s Spirit to follow Jesus’ teachings in daily living. Some special Mennonite emphases are: peacemaking, nonviolence, voluntary service, community interdependence, mutual economic support, and reading the Bible together.

How do people dress for worship on Sundays?

Styles of clothing vary widely among participants. Women wear slacks and jeans to church as well as dresses. Likewise, some men wear suits while others are more comfortable in jeans or khakis and polos.

How do I follow what is going on in the service?

Each Sunday you may obtain a bulletin from an usher which contains announcements, the order of worship and information about Christian Education classes. A worship leader guides the congregation through the service. A worship team directs congregational singing, usually with a variety of instruments.